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It's not just a vacation, but a chance of a lifetime. Bluebird is here to make your trip convenient, easy and enjoyable. We are excited to meet you and take you to somewhere special. Want to get $100 OFF your trip? Find out more about our Referral Club here! 
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contact us & FIND OUT MORE

Do you have questions for Bluebird Guided Tours? We'd love to talk to you. Here's a few ways to find out more information.

Call us locally: 715.563.1899
Call us toll-free: 1.888.506.1276
If we do not answer, leave your name, number and preferred tour location, and we'll return your call promptly.

Send us an email:

Travel shows are held for those interested in hearing about trips in person. Our Tour Director hosts Travel Shows to help inform about certain trips and answer any additional questions you may have. To find a schedule of upcoming travel shows, learn more here.


Congratulations on deciding on a trip, that's very exciting! Reserving a spot on an upcoming tour is easy. Choose one of the following methods to contact us and get the reservation process started.

Call us locally: 715.563.1899
Call us toll-free: 1.888.506.1276
If we do not answer, leave your name, number and preferred tour location, and we'll return your call promptly.

Send us an email:


After we have confirmed the reservation on your specific tour we will send you an invoice confirming the deposit you have made in the mail. We will also include important trip details such as necessities on the upcoming trip.

Before Departure

Eight weeks before departure, travelers will receive the final travel documents, which will outline specifics about the upcoming trip that you are going to be departing on in the next 10 days! It will include departure location and time, tour itinerary, hotel list, luggage tags and much more!

Click here for some tips and additional info for traveling.

Pre-trip Social Hour
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet the people that you are going to be traveling with to Alaska? or Hawaii? or Italy? We will make sure that happens! About 2 weeks before we depart for any destination a casual social hour with your tour director and traveling companions will take place at a local restaurant or watering hole! We do this for a few reasons:

1) For travelers to meet the tour escort that will show the group around the upcoming destinations

2) To answer any last minute questions about the trip (where do we leave from again? When do we need to meet? Should I bring a swimming suit?)

3) Maybe the most important part of the Pre-Trip Social hour, to SOCIALIZE! Meet the people that are excited about traveling to this new destination and get to know them! No Pre-Trip Social Hour is required and some may not be right down the street, but we will make sure to let all travelers know about them well in advance.