Travel Clubs

From a country musical journey in Nashville, Tennessee to a food and wine lover’s tour through Tuscany in Italy, Bluebird Guided Tours will bring your bank travel club, chamber of commerce, PBS station,  or any other loyalty club, anywhere in the world…

...and for a reasonable price! Bluebird Guided Tours has been running trips with many types of groups for over eight years, such as Peoples Bank Midwest's Travel Club. Whether you’re interested in an already-developed trip or would like to us to create a custom itinerary for your particular group, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!



Bank Travel Clubs will offer your bank customers the opportunity to take multiple-day, professionally guided tours to destinations like Alaska, California, Washington D.C., Ireland, New Zealand, and others. Each trip connects customers and non-customers to your bank allowing for a more personalized banking experience.

PBS and TV Stations

Reach out to your members with a tour hosted by a local or regional personality. We’ll help you choose a spokesperson for a trip who will then have the opportunity to go on the trip and increase revenue for your station. We will happily customize a tour for your specific demographic to reach out to host’s exact market. Maybe it’s a cathedral/castle tour in Ireland/Scotland, agriculture tour in California’s Central Valley, or a wildlife viewing tour in Alaska! Regardless, we want to work with you to include all of your members on a trip!


Bluebird Guided Tours organizes every tour to make sure they are filled with your customers/members and other guests. These tours are escorted by professional tour directors and include nearly everything for one affordable rate per person.


Here are a few different ways trip information gets into the hands of your customers and members:

  • Encourage customers to attend a short travel show put on by Bluebird tour director
    • Tour director will be the main contact for anyone interested in signing up for a trip; all of their information will be available for interested travelers:
  • Brochures and other information displayed about travel club and trips are available on site
  • Informing receptionists about the upcoming trip
    • He/she is an on-site contact for any questions regarding travel shows and trips – this is not always, necessary, but an option. Their role will also be to inform tour director of customer questions and inquiries.